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“We see the video as a sentence and the photo as a full stop.”

Both are required to be fully effective

About directing

As a video director with years of photography experience. You might think that photographers don’t understand video, however, with years directing photoshoots, the extra knowledge learned enables me to effectively direct and work with people in videos with ease. Also gained is an advanced understanding of lighting as well as knowing how to focus on the best elements in the shot and so fully understanding and planning a shoot accordingly.

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Diverse skill set

The old days when art directors booked you because you were good at shooting one subject but rejected you if you also shot other subjects is over. It’s like saying a musician who is great on the guitar is less talented if they were also able to play the drums, bass or keyboard. 

Being able to have a diverse skill set in his day and age as a creative. My biggest skill is being able to direct and make people feel comfortable in front of my camera. How many times I’ve been filming BT’s onset FOR OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS  and the photographer shooting the model and not communicating with them. The model is just moving doing what she has always done as a process with little direction. 

It’s always been one of my gripes which is probably why I’ve still got my studio in central London because I get booked to photograph, film, edit. Sound mixer from differing clients. I can interview. Direct fashion, edit films retouch, work with people who are having a bad day.

Photographers are just button pushers these days 

VIDEO Concept

Model, lighting, camera, arse photographer, dit, Retoucher, electronic publication, website final shot of photographer being praised. WHOS THE PHOTOGRAPHER?


We’ve been creating both photo & video content for over 20 years and specialise in directing and shooting people for business, fashion, commercial and personal profiles and so have a diverse skill set which gives us the edge to shoot with confidence in most situations.

We keep our teams intentionally small and only use multi-talented crew members who are adaptable, this, in turn, keeps client costs down and avoids sets full of unwanted people especially with the current situation.

About Video

Video is the most powerful medium available for digital marketing and getting your brand seen across various social media outlets. Videos quickly get your message across and give your clients the insight as to who you are and what you offer.

You can stop telling people what you do! ….. You can just show them!

The most powerful medium today for digital marketing is video. Videos have an incredible ability to increase conversions. They help customers understand your product and provide them with more information as about the services you offer. Video helps you to connect better to your clients. It helps them make the decision why they should be choosing you and when they see an engaging video, they have a much more positive view of you. People are more likely to share videos than text pages. Additionally, they are more inclined to click on a video thumbnail than on something with no visual or multimedia element.


#selftapes #videoprofile #socialmedia #newproduct #demonstration #training  Please use the video request form for a no obligation quote. With video there are to many variables to consider giving a price from scratch so please include as information as you can with the purpose of videos along with any sample links from online which you already have or styles you wish to attain. We are also available to have a chat over a coffee as sometimes that’s easier… RAW: If you have your own editors and only wish to have the RAW footage we can negotiate a raw shoot price. 

About Photo

Great profile photos can take you a long way. You can use them anywhere on social media or where you know having strong content can be used to promote you.