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Professional Event Photography & Videography

Based in London, our skilled media team specialises in capturing key moments at business events, fashion shows, and exhibitions.

With a versatile crew proficient in both photography and videography, we are adept at navigating unforeseen challenges to best showcase your event’s objectives. Our portfolio highlights collaborations with esteemed brands, demonstrating our expertise in delivering impactful visuals.

With two decades of industry experience, we’re committed to creating compelling visual narratives for your business events.We cater to a range of corporate events including: Conferences, Exhibitions, Award Ceremonies, Fashion Shows, Product Launches, and more.


PHONE +447748651830

Your Options for Photo & Video

While our crew is well-versed in a variety of scenarios, we understand that your business might have unique needs, such as capturing Vox Pops, testimonials, event moments, post production requirements or specific special occasions. Providing us with detailed information from the outset allows us to determine the right equipment and manpower. This ensures we can tailor a price that aligns with your budget.

Please reach out directly or complete our Discovery form below.

A few clips demonstrate what we can do!


Every project has unique requirements that influence media production costs. Your proposed budget helps us determine whether we use an iPhone, a small crew, or a more elaborate setup. Please discuss your budget upfront to guide our direction.

To start, kindly fill out our discovery form with your project details. 🙂

Media productions are long-term investments


After all the meticulous planning, your event deserves photography that truly captures its vibe, energy, and engagement.

You’ll have the backing of an experienced professional team, tailor-made to offer just the right package. Our strength lies in deploying skilled photographers & videographers for grand events.

  • Our crew will arrive up to 30 mins prior to booking start time to set up
  • We shoot both photo and video media captured by an experienced crew
  • All images are transferred online for download from a private secure server
  • You have full copyright of all the images


Have an in-house media team? Great! If you need raw video or stills, we’ve got you covered. We excel in capturing top-notch media, from events to spontaneous moments. This provides a rich collection of content for your team to spin new tales, boost branding, or highlight new offerings.

Our video offering boasts pristine audio, great camera quality, sharp direction, and perfect lighting. Once done, all raw footage is transferred to you from your supplied 1T SSD hard drive.

The best part? You only pay for our time on-site, ensuring superb value for your multimedia projects.

We shoot in an open gate format for both 16:9 and 9:16 ratios and use a rec709 colour profile. This lets you define the final colour grade and tweak your own audio. The editing is up to you and your team.

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