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A little insight into who I am and what makes me tick 


Lesauvage Yes a real name not made up to sound cool or arty. I couldn’t even spell it properly myself till I was about 12! Comes from Guernsey where I grew up and left for the UK at 15. Most people just call me Andy though.

About Me

My introduction to photography was when I was 8 my school had an activities week at the end of the summer term where we could choose a subject to do from a selection of available activities. My choice was bird watching, treasure hunting or photography and from those, we were given one of our choices. I was given photography. I knew nothing about it but after 3 days I was hooked and when we came back from summer holidays I was running the school darkroom!
When I left school there weren’t many opportunities to do photography so ended up working with an architect for a time and got bored, then I went into the design industry and got bored, I then got into the print industry and after a short time, I got bored. So when I was offered the opportunity to travel in the 90s I took the chance and left the UK and spent eight years on the road travelling the world learning my skills as a people photographer visiting as many places as I could with a camera over my shoulder. Somehow I never got bored!


The opportunity came in the mid-90s to shoot with a Digital Nikon/Kodak E2N camera which was revolutionary at the time being the first professional digital camera available on the market. I loved the idea of being able to view the images immediately even though the early tech was slow I knew this was my direction. I love tech and especially love keeping ahead of the times, however, it was to take another 4 years until the world was ready for full digital and being ahead of the game I was one of the early photographers in London to be published purely from digital files from a Nikon D1X with a six-page spread. Mind you that wasn’t without its own difficulties, the magazine colour repro guys did everything in their power to sabotage the files to make them look poor quality so they wouldn’t lose their jobs from scanning negatives and slides! Unknowing to them I had spent a short time previous working in the print industry so I knew what they were up to and got them to correct the job before it went to print!


I’ve never been inspired by great photographers or cinematographers. Great inspirational images are great images no matter who it was shot by or camera it was shot on. Being a great believer in “being original is not disclosing where you first saw it”

Random facts

I love public speaking


How I shoot

A director must be a good communicator, negotiator, diplomat and somebody who is supposed to stay calm when the shoot is all going wrong and models are scrapping!

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like lots of unnecessary people on set as I know what I’m doing. I know my cameras, lighting and both photo and video tech so why have lots of assistants doing that for me getting in the way!

Shooting guerrilla style as its unpredictable and you can be more experimental. I dislike shooting tethered as it takes away the energy from the shoot as that’s why I’ve been hired in the first place as I know what I’m shooting. Shooting tethered slows you down and when the client sees the shot they like they always want you to shoot more so wasting time and money by overshooting. I’ve never been able to figure that one out. You’ve got the shot in the can so why shoot more!!! It’s my camera Go away 🙂

My studio “PoutStudios” established in central London in 2003 and is a stone throw away from St Paul’s cathedral. It’s always busy with people. It’s my personal workspace where I collect my various lights and props gathered from over the years from different shoots.

Having shot everything from celebrity weddings, portraits, magazine spreads, dinner parties, adventure trips to hanging out of aeroplanes and the front end of powerboats to get “that” shot and adding to the mix shooting quite a bit of commercial editorial has left me in the good running to cater for any surprises. I like the challenge and find by not just restricting myself to just one kind of photography I’m very experienced in catering for most events and photographic challenges thrown in my direction.

The thing about this job is that you never know what is going to happen next! And when you think nothing is going to happen it usually does!

Blah blah blah blah….. If you have reached this point and are still reading, you win a free packet of good English chocolate biscuits.

Please call me on London +447748651830 to claim yours!


Contact me on my Business Whatsapp and include the code LESA in your message: +447748651830