Slide Helping you to understand our production process we have created a short guide to show you what goes into our three-step production process of Pre-production, Production and Post-Production. Making it as easy and simple as possible to help you create your project HOW WE CREATE YOUR CONTENT


The most powerful medium today for digital marketing is video. Videos have an incredible ability to increase conversions. They help customers understand your product and provide them with more information as about the services you offer.

Video helps you to connect better to your clients. It helps them make the decision why they should be choosing you and when they see an engaging video, they have a much more positive view of you.

People are more likely to share videos than text pages. Additionally, they are more inclined to click on a video thumbnail than on something with no visual or multimedia element.


We started shooting CQVIDEO business cards back in 2010 but only now has their full potential been realised.

Imagine being at an event and you airdrop your 60-90 second video telling a potential new client all about you and your business. It’s quick, to the point and makes you stand out above your competition as well as sitting on their personal device.

You can stop telling people what you do! ….. You can now just show them!


Models, promotions and extra agencies require great videos to help promote you to their clients. With our years of experience in the fashion industry, we are ideally placed to create the profile you need.


Video headshots are great for using on your website or social media platforms as your main profile video. They also look great in your about me pages of your website.


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Planning your project is an important process.

We really like to meet up in person so we can get to understand your requirements, who your audience is and maximise your budget.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: Have a good look at online at websites which feature similar products or services you do and put a little collection of links together to help us get an idea of the direction you want to go and who your clients are. It all helps get us nearer to quoting a fair price and helps you understand all the possible variables.

Together, we can develop and refine your ideas. This is the most critical part of the process and saves a lot of time in the future once we have your idea set, we can then manage the entire project from beginning to end.

Give us as much information as you can at this stage.


Once we have the go-ahead with your project depending on which option you have chosen we can go ahead and roll with the project.

PHOTO: The photoshoot commences and you follow the direction of the photographer who will guide and style you.

VIDEO: Script development, storyboarding, filming, sound control. We offer advice on presentation style, the strength of the narrative, and how to get the message across effectively to best to connect with the audience.


This is where we finalise your project.

PHOTO: Your images are sent to you by PDF from which you select your images for retouching. Images then go in for retouching.

VIDEO: Post-Production usually takes up roughly 80% of the entire project. It’s usually the stage the client never gets to see. The final film is organised edited and pieced together in a way to make the story interesting, engaging and watchable. Editing includes exposure colour grading and correction, text and graphics. It is then uploaded for viewing, final corrections and final distribution.

TURNAROUND: The turnaround time for video editing depends on your final requirements and what we have previously agreed when quoting.

EDITING BY DIRECTION: If there is a specific way you wish your film to appear,  you may wish to sit with the editors as they go through the process with you. This does slow down the editor considerably so please consider if this is required and additional fees may apply.

Film editing is about creating a cohesive story which will inform and engage the viewers.

APPROVAL PROCESS: Once the first edit has been completed, a link to a sample video will be sent for approval with timecode to our secure password-protected Vimeo channel, however for speed, we can send via WhatsApp to speed up the process for approval. There will always be changes so use the timecode supplied with the video to send us editing notes.

We allow three progressive changes of minor or technical corrections which are included in the price. Further corrections will be charged separately.

DELIVERY PROCESS: We export your finished HiResolution version direct to you via online transfer. The film is normally exported to the standard 1080 HD 25p but if you have any other requirements let us know and we can adjust accordingly.


More of those little questions


“I WANT A VIDEO HOW MUCH?” is a question we often hear which is like being asked how much is to build a house without having any information, we simply can’t just make up a price.
 A 60-second commercial can take days or weeks to edit due to multiple cuts, transitions, colour grading, effects and sound whereas a straight 60-minute chat to the camera could take just a couple of hours with little editing required.
Creating great videos requires time and no job is the same which is why we have this short guide to help you get what you need.


CREW REQUIREMENTS: Creating a video requires a competent team and crew. Here’s a little help in understanding what we need with a crew.

ONE MAN CREW: Often we can get away with a one-man crew, one camera one angle basic video requires just one guy! A party or small event with on-camera sound requires just one guy, a static product shoot video you can get away with one guy!

ADDITIONAL CREW: If you require a complex beauty video, a large event or interview where we need double cameras or a sound guy we obviously need to add extra production guys to make it all work successfully. We personally like to keep the crew to a minimum and keeping costs down by having a multi-skilled crew.

ONLY FILM CREW: You only require a film crew and have your own in house editing service. You can still book us and at the end of the shoot, we supply the RAW video as on a hard drive or USB.


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Please use the video request form for a no obligation quote.

With video there are to many variables to consider giving a price from scratch so please include as information as you can with the purpose of videos along with any sample links from online which you already have or styles you wish to attain. We are also available to have a chat over a coffee as sometimes that’s easier…

RAW: If you have your own editors and only wish to have the RAW footage we can negotiate a raw shoot price. 

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